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11th Annual International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California

We're hosting international and local filmmakers from the mobile filmmaking community to celebrate storytelling through film using smartphone cameras. IMFF 2022 is our first in-person festival since 2019. Each year, our festival takes place during the last weekend of April. 2020 & 2021 took place online.

Join us and the mobile filmmaking community to celebrate sharing stories as films using smartphones. Watch films you won't believe were shot with a phone like yours. Meet professional filmmakers and novice filmmakers in this festive three-day event where you'll watch films, participate in Q&A Panels and Sessions, learn how to make your own films during a mobile filmmaking workshop, participate in our exciting Red Carpet Extravaganza show, win a prize in our raffles and more!

Full program and schedule now available!

Come for the fun. Leave inspired.


On this space we are featuring the six feature length films that will screen during IMFF in San Diego. Meet professional filmmakers Caroline Spence and James Smith with actors Robert Roworth and Kelly Calabrese James and Caroline are flying into San Diego from the United Kingdom to present their feature film, Surveilled and will attend the festival all three days.

The festival will also screen short films!


FRIDAY, DAY ONE: APRIL 29 - 11:00AM to 8:00PM | SATURDAY, DAY TWO: APRIL 30 - 10:00AM to 7:30PM | SUNDAY, LAST DAY: MAY 1 - 11:00AM to 9:00PM

Feature Film Judges: Jennifer Zhang | Errol Trotman Harewood | Randy Davison | Steven Palmer Peterson



James Smith and Caroline Spence - ATTENDING IN PERSON


Samsung S9+

Inspired by popular crime novels depicting a violent serial killer, a copycat murderer emerges to terrorize the town of Clairmont.

Mystery, Horror, Spy | 1 hour 46 minutes 11 seconds

United Kingdom

Credits: James Smith, Director

Caroline Spence, Writer

Caroline Spence, Producer

Key Cast: Johnny Kinch "Frank" | Robert Roworth "William Marshall" | Melanie Aumann "Dr Laura Carlyon"

I Feel I have Something.png

I Feel I Have Lost Something

Sigfrido Giammona


iPhone12 Pro Max

The evolution of humanity has come to the point of making the entire population immortal, to put an end to the suffering caused by death, disease, and wars. Michele, tired of the monotony of his own existence, enters a mysterious house, one of the last places where, whoever wishes, can still exercise the right to die. Looking around upon arrival, Michele realizes the house is nothing more than a pleasant place, suspended between reality and dream, where the memories gradually erased by eternity come to life.

Drama | 1 hour 15 minutes 15 seconds


Credits: Sigfrido Giammona, Director, Producer, Editor

Writer: Fabio Appetito, Mariano Macale

Director of Photography: Massimo Amaro

Audio Engineer & Mixing: Marco Trapani

Composer: Emanuele Buonocunto | Original Music Composer: Sigfrido aka Regro F Giammona

Producers: Cinzia Scardilli, Igor Petrotto, Fabio Appetito

Key Cast: Igor Petrotto "Michele" | Roberta Azzarone "Dafne" | Alessandro Marverti "Attilio" | Eletta Del Castillo "Isadora" | Lorenzo Parrotto "Mr. Smith"


Misplaced -

James Demitri


iPhone 11

A man consumed by grief, loses his ability to speak after the death of his mother. As his life begins to fall apart, and he detaches from the world around him, he seeks the help of an unconventional doctor. The results are dreamlike, reflective and often beautiful as he tries to come to terms with his loss and find his voice.

Poetic | 1 hour 25 minutes 48 seconds


Credits: James Demitri, Director, Writer, Producer, Editor

Key Cast: Matt Levett "Him" | Kate Box "Doctor"



Oleg Loparev


iPhone 11 Pro

In real world we didn’t get used to question the reality of all that’s happening. That’s why even the most fantastic events look as reality to us in our dreams. Sometimes when we sleep we get ahold of our mind control and we start to understand what to do next. Unconscious dream turns into lucid dreaming.

SciFi, Drama | 1 hour 12 minutes 36 seconds

California, USA

Credits: Oleg Loparev, Director, Writer

Key Cast: Nataliia Lopareva "Alissa" | Alexandru Achindinov "Bruce" | Nick Palma "Father" | Sofiia Lopareva "Alissa as a child # 1" | Liza Sitnikova "Alissa as a child # 2"

One Punch.png

One Punch

Darcy Yuille



iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X

ONE PUNCH is a gritty, teen drama about Matt Mercado, a young Italian Australian man on the cusp of adulthood, struggling in his final year at high school and trying to hold on to the friendships and innocence of his youth.

Drama, Young Adult | 1 hour 14 minutes 6 seconds


Credits: Darcy Yuille, Director, Writer

Producers: Margaret Tillson, Sher Li Tan

Key Cast: Alex Arco "Matteo Mercado" | Mirko Grillini "Carlo Mercado" | Jessica Osrin "Teresa Scasi" | Sergej Arcaba "Antonio Mercado" | Jacob Ehlefeldt "Isaac Lee"| Stavros Psoras "Eledio Scasi " | Amanda Grillini "Tania Mercado"

The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach.png

The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach

Travis Mills

Sunday 12:00 PM

iPhone 11 Pro Max

One of 12 Westerns made in 12 months during 2020, this film tells the true story of Pearl Hart, played by Lorraine Etchell, a woman who goes through a series of bad relationships with men, eventually turning to a life of crime with a European drifter named Joe Boot (Travis Mills). Together they decide to rob a stagecoach, leading Pearl to be one of the most famous female outlaws of all time.

Western, True Story, Historical | 1 hour 22 minutes 29 seconds

Arizona, USA

Credits: Travis Mills, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Lorraine Etchell "Pearl Hart" | Travis Mills "Joe Boot"

Mark the dates & get tickets!

11th Edition International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. All films are shot with smartphones. Unique, interactive fun!

A unique, entertaining, interactive and inspiring film festival with international participation in San Diego, California.

The International Mobile Film Festival is for indie filmmakers, media producers, content creators, students, filmmakers, video producers, video marketers, teachers, and anyone interested in video and film.

Tickets Now On Sale

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