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International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego


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News Update: March 24, 2020
We want to send our sympathies to everyone affected by the COVID-19 situation. We worked with the filmmakers and participants to provide an alternative to the planned festival. IMFF 2020 was scheduled to take place as a Live Event, in the way we have provided the physical space in San Diego every single year since our commemorative film festival. Experience the "virtual" version of #MFF2020SanDiego which will took place April 25 & 26 at 1pm online.


Feature Film Competition

Filmmakers Inga Vosk and Ryan McDonald will be present for Q&A Sessions after each feature length film. Watch the Virtual IMFF 2020. Feature films will not be available after the event.

Stealth - Best Film Award

Inga Vosk

Cucumber (Vasya) arrives in St Petersburg in search of his brother, Alec. Picked up by Alec's girl, Alla, he is carted around the city, encountering different characters, on a day that will affect all their lives.

iPhone X, 6 & 8


St. Petersburg, Russia

Married and Loving It!

Ryan McDonald

Set on the eve of their ten year anniversary a Husband and Wife struggle to keep love and passion alive while their marriage rest on the fence between romance and toxicity.

iPhone 6S


Ogden, Ohio

Short Film Competition

Watch the Virtual International Mobile Film Festival Event

A Perilous Case Of Red Riding Hood

Malwina Wodzicka

A dark twist on a well-known fairy tale, about a grandmother eaten by a wolf.

iPhone SE, iPhone 8


Victoria, Australia

Like Us

Ian Leer

Inspired by a true friendship, this is a dog tale about humanity.

iPhone Xs, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus


Valley Village, California


Girodivite Productions

Matteo Tibiletti

A hot summer afternoon, a bored child who does not know how to spend the time at home and whose parents are intent on a lively discussion, are the backdrop to a profound reflection on the delicate issue of home security.

Samsung S9 Plus


Besozzo, Italy

Secondary Surfaces Redreamed

Roma Flowers

Shot entirely on mobile phones, Secondary Surfaces Redreamed, follow three women as they arduously traverse an expanse of white paper armed only with black charcoal and their bodies.

iPhone6, iPhone7


Fort Worth, Texas


Jason Marshall

A story about forgiving oneself and letting go of things that can't be changed.

LG V30


Ottawa, Canada


Elizabeth Martínez López

Ananké Films Producción

The search of a life.

iPhone X


Mexico City, Mexico

Finish Line

Saeed Mayahy

Story of a woman athletic from Iran who is trying to get back in fields from her accident and also faces deprivation because she does not agree to compete with hijab in international events and she must confronts its aftermath.

iPhone 7


Bushehr, Iran

Dark Passage

Roshni "Rush" Bhatia

A part time drivers last ride of the night maybe the last ride of his life.

iPhone 11


Burbank, California


Ehsan Majooni

I'm going to mom's wedding.

iPhone 6s


Tehran, Iran

Submerged - First Prize Award

Tom F. Pardo

Submerged by the noise of the city, a young woman finds refuge into a world of silence.

iPhone 8


Nice, France

The Waterpik

Mickey Harrison

A senior prepares to face her greatest challenge: The Waterpik.

iPhone 6s


San Diego, California


Lindy Fines

RIFT (2019) is a collaborative mobile phone film project created with director Lia Bonfilio. In RIFT, a solo woman follows a magical force through portals that beckon her to an unknown society.

iPhone 10


Brooklyn, New York


Jimmy Gannon

A satirical look at online presence vs reality. A couple use their baby to gain popularity on social media.

Sony Xperia XZ


Macquarie Park, Australia


Leslie Brockett

Traveling gives us the opportunity to learn about new cultures but in the end it teaches us about our commonality. If we can transcend our differences and recognize that we all come from the same spark, it would unite us into a limitless harmony.

iPhone 7


Coronado, California


Lucy Grossi

A mother and son are home alone for the evening, but their unsuspecting ways open the door to a mysterious masked lurker.

Samsung Note 9


Las Vegas, Nevada

The Tea

Levi Morris

Simeon is confronted by his oldest friend, Vincent, over his recent engagement. Eagerly listening in, Simeon's sister suspects Vincent's affection is for her brother's fiancé while the beloved maid is caught between the secrets and the truth in this comedy of manners.

iPhone 6S


Los Angeles, California

English Made Simple

Cara Rust

In this absurd comedy, misfits Jake and James, entertain themselves at a pretentious party. 'English Made Simple' explores the complexities of defining yourself as an outcast.

Samsung Galaxy S9


Capetown, South Africa

The Exiled Heart

Amhalise Morgan

A woman contemplates her heart as she walks through the streets of the town (Soller) and the city (Palma) in Mallorca Spain.

iPhone 6


Brooklyn, New York

April Fool

Nicolas Dumas

How can I make jokes for you watching this movie while you watch it? This is the main theme of this film shot with students from an elementary class.

iPhone 6s


Levis, France

Never Wanna Grow Up - Third Prize Award

Oleg Loparev

We don't wanna grow up - We just wanna have fun

Wild and free baby we can dream - Farther than our eyes have ever seen.

iPhone 7


Sherman Oaks, California

No Introduction

Alex O'Dogherty

A dude goes to London to film a music video and weird cartoons get on his way. It also rains. But nothing matters.

iPhone 8


Madrid, Spain

The Exit

Cameo Wood

A woman tries to leave a room, but cannot. Made on an iPhone 11 Pro from start to finish in seven hours as a part of ‘We Make Movies’ Smartphone Studio.

iPhone 11 Pro


San Francisco, California

Benched - Second Prize Award

Jamiel Laurence

Benched is danced by Glasgow born dancer Jamie Reid, and is filmed within the grounds of the iconic Kelvingrove Park. The piece takes a look at themes of isolation, anxiety and frustration.

iPhone X


Glasgow, United Kingdom



Life is a lovely trap, nothing going to remain the same.

The way we love and the method we adopt will always shift our destination.

iPhone X


London, United Kingdom

Mislinked (X)

Cristiano Soares

It's a bad day for this lonely man when his daily things mysteriously start being replaced by descriptive paper cards.

iPhone XS


Brazil, Portugal

After The Flood

Alexandra Guillossou

An observational piece on two seemingly dissimilar St. Louis events that took place in June 2019. Man and nature can be equally explosive and yet only one has the option of choice.

iPhone XR


St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you to the Judges for both competitions! Stephanie Reibel, Steve Palmer Peterson, Demetrius Witherspoon & Maxim Mussel.


Learn to write a screenplay from Hollywood screen writer Steven Palmer Peterson; Shoot a cinematic movie with your smartphone with experienced filmmaker John Woosley and create a successful funding campaign like Kickstarter with the owner and founder of KidComics Keithan Jones.

Come and learn during IMFF 2020.

*Exhibitor: Sandmarc® will be there on Friday, April 24.

Featured VIP Guest Jed Brophy presents feature film Blue Moon

New Zealand actor Jed Brophy, best known for The Lord Of The Rings; The Hobbit; King Kong; District 9; and other recognizable films, will be in attendance for the 9th Annual International Mobile Film Festival.

Serving as the festival’s Ambassador, Jed Brophy will be representing the viral film, Blue Moon written & directed by Stef Harris, which will be presented as a non-competing film with a Q&A by Jed Brophy himself. A believer in the IMFF’s mission, Mr. Brophy shares his excitement, “I’m honored to be an Ambassador and to continue to promote and highlight the ever-increasing level of excellence in films shot on mobile devices around the globe.

Red Carpet Extravaganza! with Star Wars Steampunk Universe

Celebrate Mobile Filmmaking with the red carpet walk starring attending mobile filmmakers escorted by members of Star Wars Steampunk Universe! Red is bold and so is making movies shot with smartphones. Hollywood is taking notice. The show is a must attend part of our festival each year growing in popularity.

See notice at the top of this page and follow us on social media for updates concerning the changes due to the Corona COVID-19 Virus.

International Mobile Film Festival Video Story

Why should you be a part of the International Mobile Film Festival story in San Diego? All films shot with smartphones. The red carpet is in your pocket!™

Mingle and Network

Will you be sitting next to a Hollywood screenwriter whose films are playing on Netflix with famous actors? Will you be enjoying a chit chat with an experienced filmmaker who can bring your film career to the next level? Maybe you will meet a famous actor?Will you meet your new BFF? It happens here! #MobileFilmSD

Special Presentation: Hindsight 2020

Join IMFF founder Susy Botello and FilmicPro Founder/CEO Neill Barham for a special presentation with Q&A followed by a selection of films which won awards in our festival over the last ten years. The presentation will take you through the mobile filmmaking phenomenon over the years. #HindsightMobileFilm

Awards Ceremony and Celebration

The awards ceremony for the International Mobile Film Festival celebrates all the filmmakers, participants, judges, Special Guests, Ambassadors and sponsors. It follows the Red Carpet Extravaganza! Showing our appreciation and handing out trophies, it marks the end of our first three-day film festival in San Diego. A celebration where everyone leaves inspired having had a uniquely energized and celebratory experience with memories that will last a lifetime. We will see some again next year with their new films! We are grateful and appreciative of this year's Judges for IMFF 2020.

#MFF2020SanDiego #MobileFilmSD

Film Daily News: "Looking for something more exciting than the same-old, same-old film festival? The International Mobile Film Festival is calling your name!" Frankie Stein at Film Daily News January 23, 2020

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