Program Schedule IMFF 2022

International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego

11th Annual Edition

APRIL 29, 30 & MAY 1, 2022

Theme for 2022: ELEVATE


Marina Village Conference Center - ROOM E1

1936 Quivira Road, San Diego, CA 92109

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Photo by Dean Curry Photography, edited by S. Botello Productions™

Left to right back row: Cooper Friedman, Madison Friedman (front), Quinn Friedman, Niles Larson, Caroline Spence, James Smith, Kelly Calabrese, Dave Calabrese, Randy Zuniga, Julia Zuniga, Alison Kohlhardt; Center front row: Clint Clark (left), Preston Meneses (right).


The Story

The 11th edition of San Diego's International Mobile Film Festival took place in-person in San Diego April 29, 30 & May 1. Filmmakers and industry pros came out to our beautiful city to celebrate mobile filmmaking and the global community of storytellers and filmmakers making films using smartphone cameras. An online will follow. Dates are being determined.

Feature Film Competition Winner

Best Feature Film: Darcy Yuille | One Punch (iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X)

Runner Up: James Smith and Caroline Spence | Surveilled (Samsung S9+)

Mobile Short Film Competition Winners

First Prize: Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar | The Secret Life of Bees (iPhone 11 XS Max)

Second Prize: Taylor Buoro | Packet Mix (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra)

Third Prize: Marcelo Ignacio Lagreze | (PAUSE) - (iPhone XR)

Innaugural The Rookie Award Short Film Competition Winner

The Rookie Award: A Boy's Best Friend by Quinn Friedman (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Best of Category Winners

Daniel Michael Tomcik | Best Experimental Short Film, To Dust I Shall Return.

Clint Clark | Best Music Video Short Film, Dream Come True

Marcelo Ignacio Lagreze | Best Documentary Short Film, (PAUSE).
Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar | Best Geography, Wildlife and Travel Short Film, The Secret Life of Bees.
Jon Gill | Best Ultimate Mobile Short Film, Working At Home.
Cara Hagan | Best Screendance Short Film, Holocene Dreams.
Taylor Buoro | Best Narrative Short Film, Packet Mix.

#MFF2022SanDiego Live In Person April 29-May 1, 2022

We worked hard to bring back the LIVE IN PERSON International Mobile Film Festival to San Diego! Join us for a very special event.

Our theme this year: Elevate!


Viewer discretion is advised for all films. Many films are suitable for all audience levels. You can decide which films may not be suitable for younger audiences. *Some sessions may run a little shorter or longer.

Six feature films, 25 short films plus four short Rookie films, a mobile filmmaking workshop, Q&A Panels are just some of the highlights of this year's back in person festival in San Diego!

Raffle: Winners must be present to receive a prize and must provide proof of a ticket for the day of the raffle. Congratulations to the winners!



11:00AM to 8:00PM

11AM - 12:30PM: Meet and Greet the filmmakers and VIPs.

12:30PM - 3:00PM: Surveilled, feature film by James Smith & Caroline Spence, in attendance with actors Robert Roworth and Kelly Calabrese.

Q&A with Surveilled filmmakers from United Kingdom in person.

30 minute break: Mingle and networking.

3:30PM - 5:00PM: I Feel I have Lost Something, feature film by Sigfrido Giammona in Italy.

5:00PM - 6:30PM: *Chill Gala and raffle!
Winner must be in attendance.

6:30PM - 8:00 PM: Misplaced, feature film by James Demitri in Australia.


10:00AM to 7:30PM

10:00AM - 11:00AM: Opening remarks and greetings.

11:00AM - 1:00PM: Beyond, feature film by Oleg Loparev in California.

1:00PM - 2:00PM: Lunch break. Several dining options on the premises.

2:00PM - 3:00PM: Rookie Award Showcase.

Q&A with attending Rookie filmmakers moderated by Susy Botello.

30 minute break: Mingle and networking.

3:30PM - 5:00PM: Short Film Screening! 25 films between 1 & 5 minutes each.

5:00PM - 6:00PM: *Mingling session and raffle.
Winner must be in attendance.

6:00PM - 7:30PM: One Punch, feature film by Darcy Yuille in Australia.


11:00AM to 9:00PM

11:00AM - 12:00PM: Brun-Chill & Greets!

12:00PM - 1:30PM: The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach, feature film
by Travis Mills in Arizona.

30 minute break: Mingle and network.

2:00PM - 3:00PM: Hands-On Mobile Filmmaking Workshop with Ryan and Brandie McDonald from Utah.

30 minute break: Mingle and network.

3:30PM - 4:30PM: RED CARPET Extravaganza! Show with filmmakers and Star Wars Steampunk Universe Cosplay Group!

4:30PM - 5:30PM: Lunch Break. Don’t be late for the Filmmakers’ Q& A Panel!

5:30PM - 6:30PM: Q&A Panel with filmmakers from the official screening.

6:30PM - 7:00PM: Photo Shoot with participating filmmakers and Dean Curry Photography at the Marina. Attendees, take a breather.

7:00PM - END: AWARDS CEREMONY with closing remarks by festival founder and director Susy Botello.

That's a wrap!

Social Media: Twitter @MobilFilmFest | Instagram @MobileFilmSD | FB/Meta @MobilFilmFestival

Official International Mobile Film Festival Website

News Update: April 1, 2022

We'll comply with the most recent guidelines set by the County of San Diego and the California Department of Public Health regarding COVID-19 for small events. Please be courteous.

Hands On Mobile Filmmaking Workshop

Ryan and Brandie McDonald will show you the ins and outs of feature filmmaking with iPhone. Sponsored by the San Diego Mobile Film School (non-accredited). SUNDAY, May 1 at 2PM Learn More

Feature Film Competition 2022

Watch SIX full feature length narrative films. One film will receive the Best Feature Film Award to be presented during the live Awards Ceremony at the festival in San Diego on Sunday, May 1.

All films were shot with smartphones. Not more than 10% total drone footage is acceptable.



James Smith and Caroline Spence - ATTENDING IN PERSON


Samsung S9+

Inspired by popular crime novels depicting a violent serial killer, a copycat murderer emerges to terrorize the town of Clairmont.

Mystery, Horror, Spy | 1 hour 46 minutes 11 seconds

United Kingdom

Credits: James Smith, Director

Caroline Spence, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Johnny Kinch "Frank" | Robert Roworth "William Marshall" | Melanie Aumann "Dr Laura Carlyon"

I Feel I Have Lost Something

Sigfrido Giammona


iPhone 12 Pro Max

The evolution of humanity has come to the point of making the entire population immortal, to put an end to the suffering caused by death, disease, and wars. Michele, tired of the monotony of his own existence, enters a mysterious house, one of the last places where, whoever wishes, can still exercise the right to die. Looking around upon arrival, Michele realizes the house is nothing more than a pleasant place, suspended between reality and dream, where the memories gradually erased by eternity come to life.

Drama | 1 hour 15 minutes 15 seconds


Credits: Sigfrido Giammona, Director, Producer, Editor

Writer: Fabio Appetito, Mariano Macale

Director of Photography: Massimo Amaro

Audio Engineer & Mixing: Marco Trapani

Composer: Emanuele Buonocunto | Original Music Composer: Sigfrido aka Retro F Giammona

Producers: Cinzia Scardilli, Igor Petrotto, Fabio Appetito

Key Cast: Igor Petrotto "Michele" | Roberta Azzarone "Dafne" | Alessandro Marverti "Attilio" | Eletta Del Castillo "Isadora" | Lorenzo Parrotto "Mr. Smith"


James Demitri


iPhone 11

A man consumed by grief, loses his ability to speak after the death of his mother. As his life begins to fall apart, and he detaches from the world around him, he seeks the help of an unconventional doctor. The results are dreamlike, reflective and often beautiful as he tries to come to terms with his loss and find his voice.

Poetic | 1 hour 25 minutes 48 seconds


Credits: James Demitri, Director, Writer, Producer, Editor

Key Cast: Matt Levett "Him" | Kate Box "Doctor"


Oleg Loparev


iPhone 11 Pro

In real world we didn’t get used to question the reality of all that’s happening. That’s why even the most fantastic events look as reality to us in our dreams. Sometimes when we sleep we get ahold of our mind control and we start to understand what to do next. Unconscious dream turns into lucid dreaming.

SciFi, Drama | 1 hour 12 minutes 36 seconds

California, USA

Credits: Oleg Loparev, Director, Writer

Key Cast: Nataliia Lopareva "Alissa" | Alexandru Achindinov "Bruce" | Nick Palma "Father" | Sofiia Lopareva "Alissa as a child # 1" | Liza Sitnikova "Alissa as a child # 2"

One Punch


Darcy Yuille


iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X

ONE PUNCH is a gritty, teen drama about Matt Mercado, a young Italian Australian man on the cusp of adulthood, struggling in his final year at high school and trying to hold on to the friendships and innocence of his youth.

Drama, Young Adult | 1 hour 14 minutes 6 seconds


Credits: Darcy Yuille, Director, Writer

Producers: Margaret Tillson, Sher Li Tan

Key Cast: Alex Arco "Matteo Mercado" | Mirko Grillini "Carlo Mercado" | Jessica Osrin "Teresa Scasi" | Sergej Arcaba "Antonio Mercado" | Jacob Ehlefeldt "Isaac Lee"| Stavros Psoras "Eledio Scasi " | Amanda Grillini "Tania Mercado"

The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach

Travis Mills


iPhone 11 Pro Max

One of 12 Westerns made in 12 months during 2020, this film tells the true story of Pearl Hart, played by Lorraine Etchell, a woman who goes through a series of bad relationships with men, eventually turning to a life of crime with a European drifter named Joe Boot (Travis Mills). Together they decide to rob a stagecoach, leading Pearl to be one of the most famous female outlaws of all time.

Western, True Story, Historical | 1 hour 22 minutes 29 seconds

Arizona, USA

Credits: Travis Mills, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Lorraine Etchell "Pearl Hart" | Travis Mills "Joe Boot"

Red Carpet Extravaganza and Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony for the International Mobile Film Festival celebrates all the filmmakers, participants, judges, Speakers, ambassadors and Sponsors. The red carpet is one of the funnest and most entertaining portions of each year's festival. Thanks to sponsors Star Wars Steampunk Universe and Dude Vader, participating filmmakers receive the star treatment during our red carpet show. Everyone who attends enjoys the unique celebratory show!

Special Mention

Thank you to IMFF honorary ambassadors, Jed Brophy and Mark Hadlow in New Zealand best known as Nori and Dori in "The Hobbit" films by Peter Jackson.

Thank you to our brand ambassadors & teammates, Aaron Nabus in San Diego and Rich Vizor in the United Kingdom.

The Judges

We are grateful for the judges for the 11th Edition of the International Mobile Film Festival. You can read about all of them on our website.

Feature Film Judges: Jennifer Zhang | Errol Trotman Harewood | Randy Davison | Steven Palmer Peterson

Short Film Judges: Maxim Mussel | Ant Pruitt | Ross Perkins | Robert David Duncan | Kimberley Hart


Our festival ensures there are plenty of opportunities for filmmakers, VIPs and attendees to engage one-on-one in person. One of the most valuable benefits of our live events includes a space and vibe that encourages supportive human interaction.

You won't know what you're missing until you've attended the festival. Those who attend like to return.

Festival Founder & Director, Susy Botello, takes time before the red carpet show each year as a tradition, to meet privately with all the filmmakers to thank them personally.

11th Edition & Transformation

What did we do?

IMFF is raised the bar for mobile filmmakers with IMFF 2022 as it emerges from the trenches of the pandemic.

"The one thing that supersedes the ability to be a contender with some of the best independent films of today, is not the camera. It is the skills and talents of the filmmaker to bring a great story to its audience and master the skills and technical requirements needed in both production and post production to bring their film to the highest level." Susy Botello

Read about our transformation!

Short Film Competition 2022

The Short Film Competition this year includes 25 short films between 1 and 5 minutes each. As with feature films, all films are shot with smartphones and not more than 10% drone footage is acceptable. Short films are from all genres.

See schedule for time.

Official short and feature filmmakers in attendance will take part in a Q&A on Sunday, May 1.

Ban On Return

Xiaolong ZHU

Huawei P30 Pro & Huawei Mate 30 Pro

An alien who was infected with COVID-19 on earth, eager to return to his mother star, but eventually rejected by his mother star.

SciFi | 4:59 minutes

Beijing, China

Credits: Director & Screenwriter: Zhu Xiaolong Liang

Key Cast: Liang En “Male Alien Agent” | Xu Xiaorui “Female Alien Agent” | Zeng Xiangfei “Young Security Guard” | Wang Huiyong “Middle Aged Security Guard”

Cinematography: Zhu Xiaolong, Zhu Minglu

Editor: Lu Falei

Gaffer: Mao Lei Ma Chunyang

Sound Designer: Zhu Xiaolong

Sound Recording: Ling Duanfeng

Script Supervisor: Lu Falei

Special Thanks: Zhou Wenhong, Su Chenming, Li Guoqing, Wang Luyao

The Foot Fetisher

Randy Zuniga

iPhone 11

A comic book store owner with a bizarre fetish lures customers into the back of his store where he cuts off their feet and eats them. He completely unravels when he eats the toes of a victim that were painted with green polish derived from a potent hemp.

Horror | 4:54 minutes

San Diego, California, USA

Credits: Written and directed by Randy Zuniga

Key Cast: Randy Zuniga, David Aguirre, Matthew Zuniga, Dolores Lawrence, Rozy Lawerence, and Julia Zuniga


Ryan Camp

iPhone 12 Pro Max

A couple are awoken at 2 a.m. by a very ominous phone call.

Horror | 4:34 minutes

North Carolina, USA

Credits: Ryan Camp "The Man/The Voice" | Lee Camp "The Woman/Static Face"

Packet Mix


and Best Narrative Short Film

Taylor Buoro

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

A young woman attempts to uphold the traditions she shared with her beloved father.

Drama | 3:00 minutes


Credits: Writer, director, producer: Taylor Buoro

Producer: Elliot Roberts

Key Cast: Taylor Buoro

Commissioner Gordon: Oh Snap

Sean Michael Danganan

iPhone XS Max

What are you looking forward to again after the pandemic? What motivates you to strive for a better future? Anything is paw-sible when you find the right motivation. Discover how far one dog is willing to go for the love of his life.

Drama | 3:24 minutes

Virginia, USA

Credits: Credits: Sean Michael Danganan, Director, Writer

Producer: Melissa Borts

Key Cast: Melissa Borts, Michael Borts, Rhonda Borts, and Gordon "Commissioner Gordon"


Sergio M. Villar

iPhone 11

Sea has led a life of perfection, but not for herself, for others, for work; She doesn't realize that this is weakening her health. As a result of a serious personal event, she begins to completely change her life habits, to connect more with herself and with nature.

Drama, Environment | 1:04 minutes


Credits: Sergio M. Villar, Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer

Amaia Irazabal "Itsaso"

Assistant Director: Laura España Salvado

Assistant Producer: Borja Cuervo

Composer: Javi Lost

Finding Freedom

Brionne Olsen

iPhone 11

The truth is that the pursuit of freedom has been a long journey from early civilisation to massive slavery for profits. Economic emancipation for women in the workplace to freedom under law where equal rights are not observed, time and time again we rise up when injustices is a spectacle for the world to see and nothing is done. Black Lives Matter. Asian Lives Matter. Women and Children’s Lives Matter *No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Spoken Word | 3:00 minutes

South Africa

Credits: Brionne Olsen, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Kyra Isaacs "As Herself"


Haneef Bhatti

iPhone 11 XS Max

A guy in limbo (between life and death) meets someone very special.

Comedy | 4:15 minutes

Los Angeles, California

Credits: Haneef Bhatti, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Lauren Watson "DATEMAN" | Genessi Lizama "GOD" | Samantha Watson "GOD"

The Maroon Jumper

Philip Pugh

Several iPhones & One Android Phone

Friendships and relationships are put to the test as the mystery surrounding the ownership of an ugly maroon jumper slowly unravels when a group of friends and acquaintances come together over a series of revealing, hilarious and snide FaceTime video calls.

Comedy | 1:42 minutes

United Kingdom

Credits: Philip Pugh, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Mathew Waters “Nic” | Lillie Prowse “Jen” | Sally Wood “Laura”

Don’t Be Afraid

Daniel Beals

iPhone XR

Haunted by her fears of a world rife with masks and disease, Lynn begs a neighbor to go pick up her meds for her, lest her worsening psychosis consumes her -- and possibly others

Horror, Thriller, Drama | 3:00 minutes

North Hollywood, California

Credits: Daniel Beals, Director, Writer, Producer

Producer: Alison Kohlhardt

Key Cast: Alison Kohlhardt “Lynn” | Rimarria Appling “Monica”

Music: Fernando Macias-Jimenez


Martin Dominguez Ball

iPhone 11 Pro

A night at a roadside Motel takes a wrong turn.

Horror, SciFi, Drama | 2:29 minutes

New York, USA

Credits: Martin Dominguez Ball, Director

Perpetual Loop

Javier Otero

iPhone 12 Pro Max

In a potential future world, digital technology offers new ways to convict rebels, criminals and minorities.

SciFi, Horror | 4:00 minutes


Credits: Javier Otero, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Lauren Gumuccio, Laura Expósito, Marcela Paoli, Carlos Ventura



and Best Documentary Short Film Award

Marcelo Ignacio Lagreze

iPhone XR

The city was quiet and hauntingly beautiful. Peace flooded on the places that before, had noisy crowds. We were experiencing the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the environment on the subway, was not different. A place that used to be flooded with people, became into an empty place that invited us to a parenthesis, a PAUSE to think and reflect...

Documentary, Experimental | 2:20 minutes


Credits: Marcelo Ignacio Lagreze, Director, Writer, Producer

Sound Post Production: Alejandra Oyarce

Voice Over: Christine Keitt, Tracey Jr Keitt

Graphic Design: Federico Andres Lagreze, Oannes Esteban Catoni

Tech Support: Jorge Díaz

Music: Maxence Cyrin

Working At Home

Best Ultimate Mobile Short Film Award

Jon Gill

iPhone XR

Not all working regimes are created equal..!

Ultimate Mobile | 2:06 minutes

United Kingdom

Credits: Jon Gill, Director, Writer

Key Cast: Jon Gill “Himself”

To Dust I Shall Return

Best Experimental Short Film Award

Daniel Michael Tomcik

iPhone 8

A young man comes to terms with life and death after a loved one becomes gravely ill.

Experimental | 4:55 minutes

Ohio, USA

Credits: Daniel Michael Tomcik, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Daniel Michael Tomcik

Scollay Square Station

Niles Larson

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Lets take a ride on the Boston Subway, The MBTA. Getting on, Riding and Getting off.

Experimental | 2:53 minutes

Massachusetts, USA

Credits: Niles Larson, Director, Writer

Music: FUJIĄ̷͈̼͚̞̮́͜N̷͙̯͎̻͜͟͝͠


Joseph Antony

Google Pixel 5

A girl who turns to nature as a wanderer finds herself. At the same time, a photographer finds his muse in the girl and follows her, again as a wanderer. The film shows only one character - the girl who is in search of her inner self, but the film establishes both the girl and the photographer as a wanderer. After all, aren't we all wanderers in this world?

Music Video | 5:00 minutes


Credits: Joseph Anthony, Writer, Director, Cinematography, Editor

Key Cast: Tess Elizabath Tom

Wild Woman

Michelle Cameron

iPhone 11 Pro Max

A celebration of all types of "wild women" -- a cheeky commentary on gender stereotypes and the roles we're told we can, and cannot, play.

Music Video | 2:52 minutes

New York, USA

Credits: Michelle Cameron, Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor, Producer, Art Direction, Costume Design

Producer: Yuki Ledbetter

Key Cast: Lee Taylor

No Kissing

Alexander Abramov

Samsung M21

This is a music video for a one-man-band called "Mourning Exercises" and it's new album "Forking Snake". The video was shot on a smartphone within 3 hours and it took one month for animation. The hand drawn frames are aimed to increase madness and underline tough situation - as "No Kissing" lyrics are all about toxic relationship.

Music Video, Animation | 4:39 minutes

Russian Federation

Credits: Alexander Abramov, Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Animation, Music Composer

Key Cast: Alexander Abramov

Dream Come True

Best Music Video Short Film Award

Clint Clark

iPhone XS Max

The official music video for Ana Vee's "Dream Come True". The style of music is island/Hawaiian where Ana is from.

Music Video | 4:58 minutes

West Hollywood, California

Credits: Clint Clark, Director

Writer: Ana VeeSong

Key Cast: Ana VeeKey "Starring" | Kaina Jacobs "Featuring" | Namahana "Featuring"

Preston Meneses, Creative Director, Hair & Makeup

Laurel Thomson, Choreography, Stylist

Alexandra Carson: Assistant Choreography

Production Assistant & BTS: Lana Hawelu

Song Producer: Leslie Ludiazo

Holocene Dreams

Best Screendance Short Film Award

Cara Hagan

iPhone 11

Artist Clayton Bailey left a collection of works behind after his death that invite us to imagine the world through the eyes of robots and mythical creatures. The Curated Storefront project in Akron, Ohio brings this work to downtown Akron in the fall of 2021. A group of UAkron dancers move in and around the exhibit. A fantastic journey leads the dancers to explore their relationship to reality and the role we play in creating the world we know.

Screendance, Experimental | 4:46 minutes

Ohio, USA

Credits: Cara Hagan, Director


Dorothea Drake

iPhone 11

A dance film exploring time, reality, and what once was through movement.

Screendance | 3:29 minutes

Berkeley, California

Credits: Dorothea Drake, Director, Editor

Key Cast: Dorothea Drake

Camera: Maya Rotenberg

All She Holds

Hannah Westbrook

Google Pixel 4a

“All she holds" was created in residence at Art Farm, Nebraska. Highly influenced by the surreal experience of living and working in “Victoria”, a 100+ year old house on the farm, this film is a visual collage investigating memory, lived history, sensation, and spirit of place.

Screendance, Experimental | 3:43 minutes

Oakland, California

Credits: Hannah Westbrook, Director

Key Cast: Hannah Westbrook

The Secret Life of Bees


and Best Geography, Wildlife and Travel Short Film Award

Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar

iPhone 11 XS Max

Have you ever wondered what happens inside a beehive? This is your chance to get up close and personal with one of nature's hardest little workers - the honeybee. The Secret Life of Bees is an intimate journey into the inner workings of a honeybee colony.

Geography, Wildlife and Travel, Documentary | 4:59 minutes


Credits: Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Producer

Key Cast: Cedar Anderson "Narrator"

Niall Fahy, Writer

Producer: Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar, Niall Fahy, Cedar Anderson


Alexandra Guillossou

iPhone XR and iPhone 12 Pro Max

This short film reflects upon the love of nature and loss of innocence through the eyes of a young girl and her fascination with bees.

Geography, Wildlife and Travel | 3:00 minutes

Montana, California

Credits: Alexandra Guillossou, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Nathalie Guillossou

The Rookie Award Presentation

The New Rookie Award Category presents the inaugural showcase of four short films 1-5 minutes each by novice mobile filmmakers and Q&A with attending filmmakers moderated by Susy Botello, founder and host of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking.

See schedule for time.

Rookie Award Films

#LWL Laugh with Lillian

Linda Palmer & Elina Madison

iPhone 12 Pro Max

A neurotic mom tries to keep her paranoid fears from her angelic daughter.


Los Angeles, California

Credits: Linda Palmer, Director, Producer

Elina Madison, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Elina Madison “Mom” | Lillian Trow “Lillian”

Timothy Cavanaugh, Producer

A Boy’s Best Friend


Quinn Friedman

iPhone 12 Pro Max

A boy tries to find adventure in his cabin during quarantine, but doesn't realize he has the best adventures right next to him.


Simi Valley, California

Credits: Quinn Friedman, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Cooper Friedman “Billy"

Passerine's Call

Devansh Pawan

OnePlus 6T

In this pandemic ridden world, there are many people out there stuck in isolation alone. This is a story about one such person who conquered loneliness and anxiety with repairing his bond with nature.



Credits: Devansh Pawan, Director, Writer, Producer

Key Cast: Eshaan Pawan

Find You

Drex Lee

Samsung S21 Ultra

I'll never stop searching for you, no matter where it takes me.


Stockton, California

Credits: Drex Lee

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